Trade Resources Industry Views Liqui-Box Secures Three Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards for Packaging Film Innovations

Liqui-Box Secures Three Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards for Packaging Film Innovations

Liqui-Box, a provider in flexible liquid packaging solutions , has secured three flexible packaging achievement awards for 2018 for film development innovations.

 The awards were given to the company for the development of ApexAsept, EcoAsept, and FlexFlow packaging films used in food and beverage pouch packaging applications.

Greg Gard, Senior Vice president of Research and Development, who lead the team on these product innovations, stated, "We are truly honored to be recognized by the FPA for our flexible packaging innovations.

“At Liqui-Box, our team constantly strives toward making better products. We approach each new challenge through the lens of innovation and sustainability and this recognition of our hard work is not only valued, but encourages us to keep paving the way forward."

Receiving the Silver Award for Technical Innovation was the company's ApexAsept pouch. ApexAsept was designed to offer new higher-performance sealant layers and increased resistance to delamination.

The newly developed film was created by the Liqui-Box team in order to make more robust packages and reduce leakers in the field in comparison to what has been available in the market previously.

The Silver Award for Sustainability was given to the company's aseptic pouch film, EcoAsept. This film was designed specifically for the dairy industry and created to offer customers a happy medium between lower-cost non-aseptic films and the higher-cost aseptic adhesive laminates. 

The EcoAsept pouch film is an innovative design that offers cost savings while still delivering top grade oxygen barriers for the long shelf life of aseptic products.

FlexFlow, also received a Silver Award for Sustainability and is typically used in the company's smaller 8 to 32oz pouch offerings. The film was developed internally and was reformulated by the Liqui-Box team to protect against leaking seals.

These new innovations in film development are just a few examples of how Liqui-Box continues to implement a vision of being the leader in liquid packaging systems and solutions around the world.

Liqui-Box is the leading innovator of sustainable packaging solutions for quick, fresh and cost efficient delivery of liquid and semi-liquid products. 

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