Trade Resources Industry Views Ardagh Group Plans to Permanently Close Beer Bottle Plant in US

Ardagh Group Plans to Permanently Close Beer Bottle Plant in US

Packaging solutions provider Ardagh Group is planning to permanently close its glass container production facility in Milford, Massachusetts, US.

The firm said that the decision to close the facility comes in response to the decrease in demand from the mass beer market in the US.

The facility, which employs 250 people, is planned to be closed on or after 31 March this year.

Following the closure, the company plans to serve the affected customers from its other Glass North America facilities.

Ardagh Group said in a statement: “This footprint adjustment forms part of the Glass North America review announced in October 2017.”

The firm, however, said it will seek to pursue growth opportunities in stronger performing end markets, including wine, spirits and food.

As part of this effort, the company intends to convert some mass beer capacity to serve the alternative end markets.

Ardagh said: “In addition, targeted investments in Ardagh's Glass North America network, including state of the art inspection equipment, will enhance Ardagh's competitive position and enable differentiation through a focus on innovation, quality and service.”

Ardagh is engaged in providing of metal and glass packaging solutions as well as packaging for food, beverage and consumer brands.

Operating 109 facilities in 22 countries, the firm employs around 23,500 people and has registered global sales of €7.7bn.

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