Trade Resources Industry Views Clipper Teas Plans to Use Plastic-Free Tea Bags by Summer 2018

Clipper Teas Plans to Use Plastic-Free Tea Bags by Summer 2018

Clipper Teas, the tea brand owned by natural and organic food company Wessanen UK, has committed to use fully biodegradable tea bag by summer 2018.

The company has completed two initial trials on a new substrate, an alternative which is said to be 100% biodegradable, compostable, non-GM, and unbleached for the tea bags.

Wessanen UK Clipper Teas Brand controller Adele Ward said: “To help minimize our impact on the environment our aim is to create a tea bag paper made from all plant-based materials.

“Not only will it be biodegradable, it will also remain unbleached and adhere to our organic principles.

“We are aware of an existing alternative tea bag substrate made from corn which is biodegradable and suitable for the food waste bin, however, because the corn used can potentially be from genetically modified sources it is not an acceptable option for Clipper.”

The company said that the new plastic-free tea bags will also be unbleached and GM free similar to the brand’s natural and organic values.

Clipper is engaged in manufacturing variety of organic and Fairtrade teas and coffees from everyday blends to green tea and infusions.

The firm is claimed to be the world’s largest buyer of Fairtrade tea. It exports its products to over 50 countries worldwide.

Clipper said its products are made with pure ingredients from the highest-quality sources with no artificial added.

Employing around 130 people in Camberley and Beaminster, Wessanen UK is CarbonNeutral certified. It is either directly or through its subsidiaries, accredited by or a member of a range of industry bodies and associations including; the Fairtrade Foundation; the Soil Association; the UK Tea & Infusions Association, and the Organic Trade Board.

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