Trade Resources Industry Views PPG Emphasise Envirocron HTE Coating at 2015 Powder Coating Show

PPG Emphasise Envirocron HTE Coating at 2015 Powder Coating Show

PPG Industries’ industrial coatings business will showcase new ENVIROCRON HTE (high-transfer-efficiency) powder coating along with its entire line of architectural and industrial powder coatings at the 2015 Powder Coating Show in Louisville, Kentucky, May 6-7.

Introduced in February, Envirocron HTE powder coating is formulated with a proprietary cross-link polymer that provides faster application build-rates than traditional polyester coatings, as well as the ability to coat evenly on complex parts and surfaces, especially those with recessed cavities, uneven surfaces or decorative geometric designs.

Shelley Verdun, PPG powder product manager, said Envirocron HTE coating represents a technical breakthrough because it enables high transfer rates through product chemistry rather than application method, equipment selection or applicator skill.

“Working with Envirocron HTE coating, applicators can achieve first-pass transfer rates of up to 85 percent on refrigerator racks, wire baskets, shelving, shopping carts, patio furniture, aluminum extrusions and other difficult-to-coat goods,” she explained. “That can result in better film thickness control, lower costs and less product waste, particularly for spray-to-waste applicators.”

PPG also will highlight DURANAR and CORAFLON powder coatings. These popular and proven high-performance architectural products meet American Architectural Metal Association (AAMA) 2605 specifications for long-term color and gloss retention in seacoast, industrial and other challenging building environments. Those two product coatings will be joined by polyester-based Envirocron 03 durable and Envirocron 04 ultra-durable powder coatings, which are designed to meet AAMA 2603 and AAMA 2604 weathering specifications, respectively.

PPG also will display SILVERSAN antimicrobial-protected powder coatings. Formulated with silver-ionic technology to inhibit the growth of fungi, algae and bacteria, these products are engineered for hygienic applications in schools, pharmaceutical laboratories, hospitals and child-care centers and on medical, food-service packaging and playground equipment.

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PPG to Highlight Envirocron HTE Coating at 2015 Powder Coating Show
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