Trade Resources Industry Views Havi Global Develops Disposable Food Packaging for Commercial Oven Environments

Havi Global Develops Disposable Food Packaging for Commercial Oven Environments

Havi Global Solutions (HGS), in partnership with Manitowoc Foodservice (MFS), has developed ready to serve food packaging which can be suitable for accelerated cooking, combination, and conveyor ovens.

The SIX500 packaging has been designed to withstand high temperatures of up to 525 degrees Fahrenheit for six minutes and steam, allowing food processors, convenience stores, and restaurant operators to safely cook food products in disposable packaging.

HAVI Global Solutions business development senior director Zurek said: "Conventional packaging options have not been designed to withstand the extreme conditions that can occur on some platforms.

"SIX500 not only provides optimal performance, but it has been meticulously developed and iterated to ensure all materials used are safe for the processor, operator and end customer."

The partners are planning to make additional enhancements to the new packaging in 2017.

Featuring proprietary moisture barriers and laminations, the new material offers robust structural integrity, optimal release performance across a wide variety of product types, the company said.

Manitowoc Foodservice culinary innovation director Alison Cullin said: "Integrating packaging through HAVI Global Solutions as part of our holistic systems approach has raised the bar for our customers and expanded their culinary and supply chain possibilities.

"SIX500, for the first time, provides FDA compliant packaging designed specifically for extreme commercial oven environments."

The packaging line features moisture resistant coatings to withstand the most aggressive heat and steam conditions.

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