Trade Resources Industry Views Apple Millet HUAWEI Mobile Phone in The End Do Not Have to Install Anti-Virus Software?

Apple Millet HUAWEI Mobile Phone in The End Do Not Have to Install Anti-Virus Software?

The performance of the mobile phone is more and more strong, more and more rich, many things can be compared with the current PC, which is caused by the current mobile phone Trojans, phishing sites and more virus, so many people are in the habit of installed on the mobile phone (sometimes installed) on the mobile phone antivirus software, in the end there is no need install anti-virus software?

The two current mainstream mobile phone system, one iOS is Android, the two systems, Apple's system is relatively closed, for permission to audit and management major applications are strict, so basically all kinds of third party anti-virus software on Apple's mobile phone is basically the castrated version so, Apple users basically can not consider the third party anti-virus software.

The other is a Android mobile phone at present, in addition to apple, almost all the mainstream smart mobile phone on the market is based on the Android system customization, and Apple's iOS is different, in the application of rights management and audit of Android system is relatively loose, this is caused by the current An Zhuoying if you often download all kinds of dragons and fishes jumbled together, niche application of a higher likelihood of strokes. To this end the mainstream of the current domestic mobile phone system ROM will be built in security software, such as millet, HUAWEI, Meizu and so on.

Apple Millet HUAWEI Mobile Phone in The End Do Not Have to Install Anti-Virus Software?

In fact, the security center ROM system is the use of some other professional anti-virus engine and virus database, like MIUI used in Avast, AVL and antiy Tencent to provide anti-virus engine.

So, like millet, HUAWEI, Meizu these mobile phone users basically do not have to install third party anti-virus software, the mobile phone system is in itself the security center function has been very strong (as long as the system can update), if you want a bit superfluous to install other anti-virus software installed on the meaning, but the impact after operation the speed of the system.

The mobile phone system itself is not perfect security solution, it is recommended to install some professional anti-virus software, of course, in the use of the antivirus software, they will run in the background system long, which brings high power consumption and system resources. When it comes to power, some third party software optimization under the guise of the name of the battery optimization allows the user to install the software, in fact, from the real use, almost all of the third party power optimization software basically is a home, the mobile phone battery life didn't have what use.

In addition to anti-virus software, the good use of mobile phone habits is very very important, here simply say a few "not easy"":

1, do not easily click on any connection. Messages, as well as other chat software to send a strange link do not easily click, especially related to the bank and other information related to money, we must be vigilant, this year's trick trick is too much.

2, do not easily download software free. For some non mainstream niche software suggest that you do not easily download and install, even if it is recommended to download the app store to download large, I met a friend of red rice 1 (older mobile phone) do not know what the click, and then the system is ROOT, the system sign has been tampered with, and then some system comes with application is disabled, mobile phone can not be upgraded, continued failure, finally whether restore factory settings, brush or wire brush card can not be repaired, the loss is very serious.

Apple Millet HUAWEI Mobile Phone in The End Do Not Have to Install Anti-Virus Software?_1

Lightning OS tamper MIUI system delta previously reported screenshot (pictures from Phoenix)

3, is not easy to disclose the basic information of the individual. At present, many people will see a large number of part-time network, what day easily earn hundreds, who says so, can determine the fraud, especially for children with poor awareness of fraud prevention at home women around I have because I believe the network of part-time as others revealed his name, phone, email, bank card number even the balance, then buy virtual cards designated by the other party, and then cheated, so the network part must be careful.

4, is not easy to disclose the phone verification code. At present, the mobile phone verification code into the last checkpoint through bank payment, modify the password, so for the common use in the process of verification code, please do not disclose to any person who easily, who try to your mobile phone verification code, must be vigilant.

5, do not easily allow children to use mobile phones. Now children, especially young children, have a natural love for mobile phone, a lot of parents to coax children will download some small games and so on, often some niche games especially children's games are basically involves charges, sometimes a pop was inadvertently click after the light is charged. Serious may trojan virus (here includes not only for older children, parents play smart mobile phone should also teach them some basic knowledge of fraud prevention).

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