Trade Resources Industry Views Valmet to Upgrade Stora Enso's Heinola Fluting Mill in Finland

Valmet to Upgrade Stora Enso's Heinola Fluting Mill in Finland

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Valmet has secured a contract to deliver TwinRoll Evolution wash press (TRPE) for upgrading washing process area of Stora Enso's Heinola fluting mill in Finland.

The upgrade will enhance the  mill’s Neutral-Sulfite Semi-Chemical (NSSC) line washing  for better product quality.

Valmet will deliver TRPE with basic engineering, training and site services as well as spare parts.

The TRPE wash press includes displacement washing and pressing to 30% to 32% consistency at 2.5% to 10% feed consistency, Valmet said.

The TRPE wash press is suitable for applications that need high washing efficiency and capacity. Valmet plans to start installation works in the spring of 2018.

Valmet senior process manager Lari Lammi sqaid: “This will be the first fifth generation Valmet TwinRoll wash press delivery to Finland.

“The press will give more flexibility in production and ensure an improved washing of the NSSC pulp before the board machine, and in that way, improve the quality of the final product.”

The Heinola mill manufactures semi-chemical (SC) fluting which is used as a raw material in the corrugated board industry.

The SC fluting has been developed particularly for harsh circumstances and tough requirements.

The annual production capacity of the mill, which employs about 230 people, is 300 000 tons of fluting.

StoraEnso Heinola mill process development manager Timo Riuttanen said: “We want to improve the pulp washing efficiency with moderate washing water volumes. A TwinRoll Press showed to be a compact solution when the alternative washers were more in numbers or bigger in size.

“We are waiting the start-up with great interest to see the TwinRoll Press operation and washing efficiency.”

Stora Enso, a pulp and paper manufacturer, employs about 25,000 people in over 35 countries.

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