Trade Resources Industry Views Nokia's Best Android Phones of 2017 Might Be Still to Come

Nokia's Best Android Phones of 2017 Might Be Still to Come

Not only did the firm deliver a massive punnet of member berries with the new Nokia 3310, it also launched a few attractive Android phones.

However, there could be much more to come, judging by a video posted online and subsequently pulled.

The 39-second clip, spied and then mirrored by Evan ‘evleaks’ Blass, shows off a quartet of Android phones, including the existing Nokia 3 and Nokia 5.

However, the identity of the other pair—shown on the left towards the end of the clip—is unknown. Neither are the Nokia 6 though.

It also appears these previously unseen models are at the higher-end of the smartphone scale than their counterparts.

The farthest left of the four shows a handset with a dual camera lens, which means it may be the rumoured flagship Nokia 9. Might the other the Nokia 8, which was heavily tipped and perhaps even spied during CDES 2017?

The video itself was created by a “a longtime Nokia brand photographer who now works with HMD” according to evleaks, so there’s little doubting its authenticity.

We’ve been excitedly awaiting the next developments in HMD’s Nokia reboot, so a pair of higher-end devices that could tackle the big guns would be most welcome.

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