Trade Resources Industry Views GEW to Showcase Air-Cooled LED UV Technology at Labelexpo Americas

GEW to Showcase Air-Cooled LED UV Technology at Labelexpo Americas

GEW will introduce its new fully aircooled LED UV curing system for the label printing, coating and digital printing industry at the Labelexpo Americas, which is scheduled to be held in Rosemont, Illinois, US, from 13-15 September.

GEW to Showcase Air-Cooled LED UV Technology at Labelexpo Americas

At the event, GEW plans to showcase its range of UV curing systems comprising mercury arc systems, air-cooled LED systems and hybrid systems along with the associated hybrid RHINO ArcLED electronic power supply.

The new LED UV curing system, lamphead LA1, is fully compatible with existing ArcLED systems, eliminating the need for external chillers, pipes or coolant or indeed any other modification.

The ArcLED UV curing system is claimed to be the only futureproof technology for upgradeability of arc lamp to LED UV systems.

Using an ArcLED system, the printers can carry out full hybrid UV curing by working with both mercury arc and LED lamp technology on the same press.

Featuring the same cassette-based design as the E2C and LW1 lampheads, the LA1 curing solution also eliminates the needs for heavy infrastructure and maintenance.

Additionally, GEW will showcase its new multi-point inline UV monitor at the Labelexpo event.

The integrated calibrated sensors will allow the UV monitor to measure the UV intensity continuously in a UV curing system in order to avoid the risks and consequences of undercured product.

Said to be highly reliable and cost effective solution, the UV monitor is designed for production monitoring of UV intensity and dose at multiple positions across the web. This eliminates the possibility of inadequate UV dose.

GEW is engaged in designing and manufacturing UV curing systems for printing, coating and industrial applications.

Based in England, GEW operates subsidiaries in the US, Germany and India.

Image: GEW's new fully aircooled LED UV curing system. Photo: courtesy of GEW.

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