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Baby Feeding Accessories to Make Life Easier

Everybody's gotta eat. Some just more frequently than others. And if there's one thing your newborn's a pro at, it's letting you know when she's hungry. From lip-smacking, thumb-sucking to a full blown wail, the hunger cues will be hard to miss.

Breastfeeding is convenient, economical, and can occur with simply a mother and a hungry baby, no special equipment necessary.If you choose to breastfeed, you'll want to start by picking the right pump and accessories for your needs. Breastfeeding moms often pump and bottle-feed, which also lets dads share the experience.

Nipples for baby bottles come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. Be sure to use the right nipple for the bottle, and select a nipple with an appropriate flow speed for the baby’s age and abilities. Newborns typically need slower flow than infants or toddlers. If the baby strains to suck, it’s probably time for a faster-flow nipple.

Using a bib will save you from having to put your baby's clothes through the wash after every meal. When the likes of puréed carrot and strawberry fromage frais start to appear on the scene, the true value of a decent bib is evident.

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