Trade Resources Industry Views Top of The Range Miele Generation 6000 Ovens Are Complete with Automatic Programs

Top of The Range Miele Generation 6000 Ovens Are Complete with Automatic Programs

With unsurpassed technology to deliver professional cooking results, the top of the range Miele Generation 6000 ovens are complete with Automatic programs specifically created for Australian dishes. Developed by Australian chefs, these automatic programs include popular Australian dishes such as pork belly, pavlova and rack of lamb.

RRPs vary

After five years of intensive research and development, Miele unveiled its latest appliance range, Generation 6000, and nobody was disappointed. The range comprises ovens, speed ovens, combi steamers, coffee machines, microwaves and warming drawers — all backed by Miele's 'Immer Besser' 20-year reliability proposition

Miele Milestone: The Prestige range includes an intuitive touch control user interface inspired by the iPad.

After the local launch of Generation 6000, Appliance Retailer reported on the premium nature of this collection:

The absolute cheapest product in the launch range is the Benchtop Microwave (M 6012) at RRP $999 — almost 6 times the average sales price in that category.

The well-minted can coalesce a 90-centimetre family oven (H 6890 BP), a 60-centimetre Moisture Plus model (H 6860 BP) — the latter complete with a warming drawer (ESW 6229) — throw in a dedicated Steam Combination oven (DGC 6805 XL) and a Speed Oven (H 6800 BM) for spot cooking and a coffee machine with CupSensor so it knows where to position the spout (CVA 6800) and there's a beautiful new kitchen set for only RRP $39,794. Of course, you will still need to purchase a rangehood and cooktop, plus the amazing Knock2Open dishwasher is yet to be priced locally.

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