Trade Resources Industry Views Is Not a Terrible Capital Chain But Jia Yueting Anti Sense Repairer Dream

Is Not a Terrible Capital Chain But Jia Yueting Anti Sense Repairer Dream

Jia Yueting for the two time in the "Chinese entrepreneurs" annual meeting. First, in December 2015, to meet the "noble" of Liu Chuanzhi, and bring a series of practical interest; second, December 2016, in order to hold a free conference. After this speech, Jia Yueting has harvested a lot of fans.

With "noble" Liu Chuanzhi

In December 2015, Jia Yueting in the "China entrepreneurs" annual meeting, IT China met friendship between generations legend Liu Chuanzhi godfather. Soon afterwards, Liu Chuanzhi visited the music company. In music, as the headquarters in Beijing, Liu Chuanzhi had said to Jia Yueting: "your approach is indeed very bold, and there can be a real breakthrough." Liu Chuanzhi believes that music as a result of the traditional enterprises to ponder the problem there are many, see the music as the model, I think our ideas may not be completely break open, which also has my problem."

As a senior, Liu Chuanzhi very appreciate Jia Yueting, two people's feelings of rapid warming.

In April 24th this year, Chinese entrepreneur club directors meeting, Jia Yueting formally joined the China Entrepreneurs Club, the day is the awarding of the Liu Chuanzhi for him.

Then, in June, came the news of Legend Holdings investment music as a car, but did not get confirmed by both parties.

September 20th, Jia Yueting announced at the scene, as the 919 party video, music, as the car to complete the $1 billion 80 million financing, and the disclosure of the investment side of the financing to participate in the list. The investor's lineup is super strong, including the national grid's British capital, Shenzhen municipal government investment platform, deep venture, Lenovo holdings Minsheng trust, new Hualian and Acer Katherine fund and other well-known institutions. Choose from the Jia Yueting investors, including central enterprises, government backed investment fund and well-known private enterprises.

According to informed sources, the reason why Jia Yueting agreed to participate in the 2015 China Entrepreneur Association, a very important purpose is to get to know Liu Chuanzhi. Organizers also specially arranged for two separate talks. This time the meeting, Jia Yueting on Liu Chuanzhi's impression is very good. So, will have later Liu visited the music as a cooperation, the introduction of Jia Yueting into the Chinese Entrepreneurs Club, as well as legend holdings investment music as a series of things.

Jia Yueting used his "subversive ideas" won Liu Chuanzhi's recognition and appreciation, Liu was so admired Jia Yueting's subversive theory, may have originated on the Lenovo (Lenovo turn iron into steel bar status can refer to a number of media reports).

Jia Yueting and Liu Chuanzhi met on the music is undoubtedly a critical moment, this time to participate in the annual meeting, there is a goal to Jia Yueting, and from the results, completely exceeded his expectations.

Music, as the people always say, Jia is very simple, is a person who holds the idea is to make the heart of the matter. In fact, in the business for many years Jia Yueting never simple, he did every thing the goal is very strong.

Finish his story with the old Liu, and then look at the list of music as auto financing: the central enterprises, the government background of the investment fund and well-known private enterprises. If more careful, you can look at music as the other subsidiary financing object, also basically is that way. What is the reason, there is no need to say more. (Perhaps, a few days to understand how to write a "music" as the chariot were kidnapped"mogul"", ha ha. Interested friends, welcome to the news)

Taking a road to Jia Yueting, in order to meet the ecological dream in the heart, IT, while the central enterprises, state-owned Godfather intentionally, he is a clever, it is also an effective way to realize the dream.

Reject the mediocre subversive

Last year to participate in the entrepreneur's annual meeting, so that Jia Yueting harvest. In December 11th this year, in the storm in the Jia Yueting once again brave stand in the Chinese entrepreneur's annual meeting, Jia Yueting, the Internet Ecosystem Model on behalf of the future as the theme of the speech. In the 1 hours required by the organizer, it is required to stay on site for 40 minutes. But Jia Yueting ready enough PPT has spent a full more than and 40 minutes. Well, then you can answer two questions......

This month, the lack of music as the music is to reduce the size of all the conference, and even cut off some of the release. Annual meeting of Chinese entrepreneurs annual meeting, is undoubtedly the opportunity to provide a free conference for Jia Yueting.

Jia Yueting appeared brave and won many people's support.

Blog China founder Fang Xingdong is one of the representatives, he said:

Let all the doubters and hostility are reduced to mediocrity, snobbish, short-sighted pronoun, this is really great entrepreneurs destiny! China is too short of such an entrepreneur! Even we have high hopes of BAT today are so secular and utilitarian, the Chinese Internet situation why? The huge Chinese, regardless of the media, or social capital, does not contain a dare to subvert the music as such beyond the previous? I don't believe it! Brave forward, music as refueling! Without hesitation, Lao Jia refueling!

Why many people do not understand the music, but choose to support the music as?

Jia Yueting said: in the Internet industry increasingly toward monopoly now, placed in front of the music have two choices, one is in accordance with the safety of the old tradition, to the traditional Internet and hardware industry giants dominate the extension line, waiting to be dominated by destiny, or by mergers and acquisition after cash withdrawal; two is the struggle breaking out, explores a new road, has become a new species of subversion and value creation strength.

In fact, Jia Yueting's idea is right. Lei Jun and Zhou Hongyi had a similar view.

Lei Jun is because I see that IOT the opportunity to invest in Millet ecological chain layout, investment + incubator mode, enter the field of IOT, spawned a number of big companies. When it comes to Lei Jun and Wu Xiaobo dialogue, to build such a complex business model, is to achieve the BAT bypass strategy. BAT in front of the block, they've got the Internet and mobile Internet tickets, if not beyond the same pattern. So, Lei Jun to IOT to pull the battlefield, through the implementation of the BAT beyond the bypass strategy.

Zhou Hongyi recently wrote in his new book: 360 of the practice is to avoid confrontation with the giants face (BAT). A giant flanking warfare, to appear in unexpected places, or in big Paibingbuzhen very weak to visit, or appear in the giant is not attached to the place. Flank battle, speed, focus, this is what I feel in the face of giants should adopt some of the competitive means.

Jia Yueting, Lei Jun and Zhou Hongyi are on the layout, BAT bypass strategy. Bypass strategy Jia Yueting, if it is to LETV as a starting point, around the contents of the construction of ecological system, the mobile phone carrier, as TV content, become an indispensable part of the part of the user experience. So, as the music network, music as sports, music, as the phone, music, music, music, as the financial, music, as the cloud, is the existence of a reasonable ecological.

Only cars, in the wrong time in the form of inappropriate in this ecology.

As the two shareholders have strong in an interview with "contour":

This is like a mountain in front of you, have a great dream, but you need to know to Jinshan three risks, the first is the winter risk, second is the ammunition risk, third is the risk of the sniper. The music as it is now, the three risk outbreak at the same time, this time to consider the adequacy of cotton, forage is enough, whether the fire prevention ability.

So to be very calm, can not stop the ambitions of the heart, can not control themselves, often determines the final outcome. For Jia Yueting Jia Zong, between the great and you must hold a degree, the strategy is the right direction, in today's step by step trek in the process also must have a degree of certainty.

Music as the basis of the ecological environment has not been built up, it is to invest a weak relationship with the ecological effects of the car business, and the total investment in the automotive business, and even higher than all other business.That is to say, is still very fragile, depending on the ecological needs for the time, to this ecological all nutrients removed, to cultivate a new species. The new species do not have the ability to nurture ecology in the short term, just like a vampire, sucking in poor ecological energy. And some people, called subversion?!

The idea of ecology is not wrong, but it should be realized step by step. In strong opinion, as the problem is not the money problem, "if it is the money problem, we can always come up with a 50~100 million to support him, as there is in the organizational structure, corporate governance and future tactical implementation problems."

As an important shareholder LETV, had strong early see music as blindfolded by running the strategic confusion, he thinks, easy to car, LETV music as sports three projects too crazy, but did not participate in the investment.

In Jia Yueting's internal letter revealed that our funds and resources are very limited, as the car is a huge pre investment, has been spent about 10000000000 of its own funds." But the money is still far away from Jia Yueting's car. Even the godfather of Liu Chuanzhi to lend a helping hand, a wheel LETV car completed a $1 billion 80 million financing, but the reality is that the car project has been trapped by funding has slowed down the pace.

Jia Yueting said: if there is no accident, January 3rd will be a shock to the world conference. Refers to the CES on this year, the music as the car will release a mass production of cars.

But (model car) after the release, where the production of it?

Nevada, the United States and the United States is the first plant has been shut down, as the original plan to put into operation in 2017, now do not know when to drag. December 9th, LETV photographed China Zhejiang Deqing County a land, to 279 million yuan turnover, will invest 200 billion to build automobile manufacturing base. However, do not know where the money as the money?

In addition, the United States and California and Tianjin China Jixian County, the local government has been LETV thrown olive branch, vowed to invest in new energy automobile production base in the local, but the two governments have eagerly hope for a long time, even a formal agreement is not signed, not to mention the investment.

The end: the car is a car, do not when the house to cover

This time to attend the annual meeting of entrepreneurs, Jia Jia more clearly described his car blueprint:

The display system will become the future car now LETV TV; now LETV mobile phone will become the future brain vehicles; the EUI will now become the nerve center of the future of the automobile; now as the film and television music, sports, music, car networking will become the future automotive entertainment service system; LETV cloud platform now will become artificial intelligence the future of the automobile, automatic driving platform; now and enjoy zero EDAW pie will become a platform for future car sharing. Seemingly unrelated industries, in our eyes, are the future of the car after the value of the necessary components of the migration.

Jia Yueting believes that the value chain of the automotive industry is being reconstructed and migration - the core value of the car from the vehicle into a new traffic internet life scene. That said, all people think that the car is a travel tool, Jia Yueting has seen the future, the car will be a traffic network ecosystem. When the music as a day to let it set electric, intelligent, shared with the Internet in one of the time, it will subvert the entire automotive industry. When the car and the Internet will be integrated, there will be more than Apple's company, and music as the most likely to become the company."

But understand, want to say: is the essence of automobile transportation, all innovation should focus on enhancing the driving efficiency and driving experience, so there are many industry consensus: we believe that the pure electric vehicle is perfectly logical and reasonable, unmanned is perfectly logical and reasonable, car sharing is also perfectly logical and reasonable.

And Jia Yueting called to subvert the entire automotive industry, he is trying to turn the car into a mobile intelligent living room it? Is the only way to explain, far fetched car into the music as ecology.

Mobile intelligent living room, will not be our life after twenty or thirty years? No one knows. Perhaps the ideal state of some of Jia Yueting's truth, but for twenty or thirty years after the so-called dream, now all and assets (including shareholders, even at the expense of other assets) down the vitality of the user's favorite, for business, which can be called strategy, but stubborn.

Ceng Qiang said:

I think the car may be a temptation to Jia, especially for men of this age. Now look at the music as the seven eco called a brand, are music as the department. But I think the car should not be called LETV LETV, it will break down the system, and feedback current car is not strong.

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