Trade Resources Industry Views Shacman Heavy Truck X3000 Entered Into Nanchang and Won 25 Orders

Shacman Heavy Truck X3000 Entered Into Nanchang and Won 25 Orders

Host by Jiangxi Guotong Sales Co. Which is the SHACMAN national top 10 dealers, X3000 full line products Forum was grand open on December 12, 2016 in Nanchang Guihua Village Hotel, SHACMAN Nanchang district, Weichai power and other industrial chain personnel, logistics companies and heavy truck customers more than 100 people attended this forum.

At the meeting, Guotong 4S store sales manager Wu made a speech, he said that as the only top ten distributor in Jiangxi, Guotong was the first to grasp the industry trend, they would provide high-quality products and high standard of thoughtful service for our customers enjoying a more comfortable, more efficient and more environmentally friendly driving experience.

Then Guotong Sales Manager Min Runhua introduced the advantages of SHACMAN X3000 ultra-light front four rear eight air suspension. And Nanchang Office Manager Zhang Qiang introduced the six advantages of X3000 500hp tractor with National V, fuel-efficient, lightweight, durable, intelligent, safe and comfortable.

The event showed the brand advantages of SHACMAN in Nanchang and would be better  to provide the best purchase plan and the best quality service for the majority of users. The SHACMAN X3000 Gold Edition tractor was highly recognized of low fuel consumption, high comfort, high transport efficiency, high security products and 36-month limited mileage long warranty, and 200,000 km free maintenance service by the customers. The Group buy promotion policy was so attractive that customers have stepped forward for consultation and purchase decidedly, while orders of six units were confirmed on the spot and 25 units were intention orders!

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