Trade Resources Industry Views Baker Perkins Opens New Industrial Extrusion Innovation Center in UK

Baker Perkins Opens New Industrial Extrusion Innovation Center in UK

Baker Perkins, a provider of manufacturing and process services to the food industry, has opened a new industrial extrusion innovation center in Peterborough, UK.

The new center is designed to offer a resource for chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical, packaging and construction materials trials.

In addition to providing full powder coating production facilities, the center offers research and development services for complete range of Industrial Extrusion applications.

The facility will allow customers to develop new products and processes, produce samples, or conduct feasibility testing.

Featuring MPX24 Integra twin-screw extruder with feeder, chill roll and flaking unit, the innovation centre is installed with grinding, curing and spraying facilities.

A full set of analytical instruments equipped at the innovation centre allows customers to assess consistency and quality for thickness, gloss and imperfections.

Baker Perkins said: “The hot-melt extrusion process available through the MPX24 Integra is appropriate for any application that involves mixing and thermal processing of a wide range of granules, pellets and powders. Liquids, low-density materials and low-volume additives can all be injected into the mix.”

In September 2017, Baker Perkins has introduced new ServoForm Mini small batch / lab-scale depositor for the functional and medicated confectionery applications.

The ServoForm Mini applications include small to medium batch manufacture, new product development and production of marketing samples.

Using starchless process, the ServoForm Mini can deposit candy syrup or fruit paste into solid moulds at rates of up to 54kg per hour.

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