Trade Resources Industry Views European Coatings Show 2015 Exhibits New Pigment Technologies

European Coatings Show 2015 Exhibits New Pigment Technologies

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments is introducing to ormulators a variety of new pigment shades which expand the color gamut for architectural, industrial and automotive coatings applications. Additionally, experts from Sun Chemical and DIC, Sun Chemical’s parent company, will show how its product families of pigments and resins can be used together to create enticing coatings for a full range of coatings applications in the automotive, architectural, plastic and industrial industries.

“Our customers are looking for solutions that will help them differentiate from their competitors and grow their business,” said Mehran Yazdani, Vice President, Marketing, Sun Chemical Performance Pigments. “During the European Coatings SHOW, we’re excited to show how we are expanding the color gamut to meet our customers’ styling needs and we want to show them that we can address any coating need they may have. We look forward to showing how our various product lines from both Sun Chemical and DIC can be tailor-made specifically to the needs of each individual customer and ultimately grow their business.”

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments Introduces Three New Pigment Shades

At Hall 4, Stand 4-452, Sun Chemical Performance Pigments will introduce three new pigment shades which will significantly expand the color gamut for coatings formulators.

The intense color of the new red shade Quindo Violet 55 Quinacridone pigment is 10 units more chromatic than a similar shade in the Pigment Violet 19 color space and offers outstanding weatherability and lightfastness, while delivering exceptional levels of transparency. 

As a leader in Perylene chemistry, Sun Chemical will introduce a new yellow shade Perrindo® Maroon 179 high performance pigment which features the benchmark transparency that is vital in producing modern, high chromatic metallic red automotive finishes. Complementing Sun Chemical’s extended family of red pigments isFanchon Yellow 150. Sun Chemical experts at the booth will reveal how this durable yellow pigment can be used to prepare orange and red metallic finishes.

Also new to the Sun Chemical pigments line-up is Fanchon Orange 36, a high performance organic pigment with a high level of opacity and durability capable of replacing lead-based pigments in industrial mono-coat applications. APEO-free, Fanchon Orange 36 is a leader in the industry that raises the standard for environmental stewardship.

Aluminum Flakes and Resins Combine to Produce Super Durable Exterior Architectural Coatings

During the show, Sun Chemical will introduce new fine particle-sized aluminum flakes to its Benda-Lutz MAXAL EC line-up. The two new products offer a superior level of brightness that is unusual for their small size, while providing the same industry-leading stain resistance offered by the line’s state-of-the-art EC encapsulation technology. When MAXAL EC is used together with DIC’s CERANATE polysiloxane- acrylic hybrid resins, coatings formulators produce an exceptionally durable, stain resistant, and self-cleaning coating.

Sun Chemical’s Sunsperse ECO Dispersions and DIC’s WATERSOL EP 5500 Acrylic Resins

Sun Chemical has expanded its successful VOC- and APEO-free Sunsperse ECO waterborne dispersion line with new transparent red and yellow iron oxides. The high color purity and clarity of these pigments make them suitable for a variety of architectural applications. Sunsperse ECO dispersions can be combined with DIC’sWATERSOL® EP 5500, an acrylic modified epoxyester resin that can be ambient cured for ACE anti-corrosion paints that are suitable for a wide variety of substrates. 

DIC to Highlight FINEPLUS GMA Acrylic Resins and WATERSOL PUD in Metallic Coatings

Used to formulate low- and zero-VOC coatings for metal trim components, DIC FINEPLUS GMA acrylic resins and WATERSOL PU 2404 polyurethane dispersions (PUD) will also be on display at the booth.

FINEPLUS GMA resins are additives in powder coatings that produce unprecedented adhesion and dispersion properties in aluminum wheel coatings, body clear coats and metallic finishes. In addition, DIC’s WATERSOL PU 2404 is an aliphatic PUD that features exceptional heat resistance in metallic coatings at a low activation temperature. WATERSOL is also compatible with a broad range of substrates.

Sun Chemical and DIC to Discuss Coatings for Plastic in Automotive Interiors

Visitors will learn how Sun Chemical’s Benda-Lutz SPLENDAL vacuum metalized flakes can be formulated with DIC’s BURNOCK acrylic resins to produce luxurious finishes for plastics in automotive interiors. A best-in-class solventborne acrylic resin, BURNOCK L-AC 1038 exhibits outstanding adhesion when directly applied to ABS, Bayblends, PMMA, PVC and galvanized steels, and provides automotive interior coatings with superior gloss retention, metallic orientation and chemical resistance.

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Sun Chemical Expands Color Gamut with New Pigment Technologies at European Coatings Show 2015
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