Trade Resources Industry Views Ledtech Received Steady Orders From Large North American Clients

Ledtech Received Steady Orders From Large North American Clients

Taiwan LED packager Ledtech has been focused on low temperature lighting market for the past few years, having received steady orders from large North American clients such as Ingersoll-Rand, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi-Cola. The company has also been actively developing their South American and European professional refrigerator manufacturer clientele. The company has received orders from one South American client by the end of 2013. The company hopes to add one more client from South American and Europe each before the end of the year.

Ledtech has had excellent success in the low temperature LED market over the past few years making up 90 percent of Taiwanese low temperature lighting market. Stores using the company’s low temperature lighting products include Family Mart, Pxmart Co. (Chuan Lian Center), and other convenient stores and supermarkets. Ledtech’s cooperation experience with local stores will become a great advantage when competing against other international companies.

Ledtech’s largest clients in the low temperature lighting field include North American companies Ingersoll-Rand, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi-Cola who make up 30 percent of the company’s total revenue. With a firm footing in the North American market, Ledtech began actively developing South American and European markets. After a year of cultivating their South American market, saw three South American refrigerator manufactures have placed sample products orders in 2013. The company is also making headway in the European market. The company hopes that by the end of this year an additional client from both the South American and European markets will make orders.

In regards to the low temperature lighting market, the three biggest refrigerator application markets include industrial, commercial, and household. Ledtech is mostly involved in the commercial refrigerator market. The company points out that commercial refrigerators are largely used in vending machines and normally only require to be changed every three to four years. Observing the orders placed by clients in 2013, the strategy for beverage clients has changed this year as the number of clients has increased. Client orders have also become more dispersed due to advanced order placements for 3Q13 and 4Q13. This has driven 3Q13 consolidated revenue up to NT $472 million (US $16 million), growth of 18.73 percent compared to 3Q last year.

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Ledtech Adds New South American Client
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