Trade Resources Industry Views Shaanqi Heavy-Duty Truck Provides Rich Truck Modes by Depending on Weichai Golden Chain

Shaanqi Heavy-Duty Truck Provides Rich Truck Modes by Depending on Weichai Golden Chain

Weichai Golden Chain Becomes the Natural Advantage of Shaanqi Heavy-duty Truck. Every Shaanqi heavy-duty truck have the valuable property of “Military Truck Quality”. But the biggest competitive advantage may still be that Shaanqi have the incomparable integrated power matching technology in the truck industry till now. The “Golden Chain” of Weichai enables Shaanqi has better understanding of the melting and matching of main parts than the other enterprise in truck industry. This makes the fuel saving and energy saving performance of Shaanqi trucks more excellent, and provide multiple choices for customers.

Shannqi dump truck had been very popular in market and the market share had been ranked in the first place in the truck industry in the past. The demand of high-efficiency road transportation is increasingly growing with the implementation of charging according to the loading tonnage and the beyond of limitation and loading. If only ranking in the first place in the dump truck industry, it is equal to walking with one leg and has the risk of falling down at any time. It is imperious to roll out high-quality tractors. The Shaanqi tractor is developing shoulder by shoulder with Shaanqi dump truck with the on-sale of Shaanqi Delong X3000 and new M3000 in recent years. The deepened development and subdividing strategy has achieved initial success especially with the diminishing demand of town construction and increasing demand of road transportation.

Shaanqi also continue to explore new developing approaches in the markets including slag transportation, express delivery transportation and hazardous goods transportation, etc.. For example, Shaanqi deepens the contact and interactivity with various local slag transportation association and related management agents, puts forward industry standards and make working rules which are aimed at local demands, helps the local government to improve the management level and operation efficiency of slag transportation on the basis of providing high-quality slag trucks. In the van truck market, Shaanqi improved the comfort and fuel-saving performance of van trucks by following the example of leading enterprise in the slag truck industry.

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