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Leyard Small Pixel Pitch LED 8k Display Stuns IBC2015

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2015 was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 11th September to 15th September. Leyard LED solutions for Broadcasting market shined there again. The products TW1.25, RTVH1.6, and the just released TW0.9, brought a visual sensation of different pixel pitches.

IBC2015 is the most authoritative and the largest professional broadcasting equipment exhibition not only in the Netherlands, but also across Europe. The show attracted the global top-class and high-quality brands, and their aim was to show their latest technology achievements and the most advanced industry operation ideology in the broadcasting field.

At IBC2015, Leyard brought high-quality small pixel pitch LED displays for global users, wining wide recognition and great trust from exhibitors and guests. This helps to widen the expansion of Leyard's oversea business and improve the global market deployment.

The seamless small pixel pitch TW1.25 LED display wall stunned and highlighted IBC2015 with its 8K display.

Leyard TW series is characterized by seamlessness, a high refresh rate, and broadcast-level gray processing. Its new 54” cabinet meets the rapid installation and it is mainly used in a control room, TV studio and in an advertisement.

Astonishing Leyard TW0.9 LED display

As the leader in the small pitch development, Leyard presented the stunning TW0.9 display which also drew bunches of eyeballs with the smallest pixel pitch of the market (0.9mm).

Leyard TVH series continues to become smaller

Leyard TVH series small pixel LED video wall continues to become smaller, from 2.5mm to 1.6mm. With a super wide viewing angle, this series maximizes the audience coverage and its small unit size provides the fluent modeling of TV studio screens.

In the past 20 years, Leyard's innovative development strategy has made it a leading intelligent LED creator in China. It plays a leading role in the global high-end display market, with its products spreading over 100 countries and regions including Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. The brand Leyard can be seen in NASDAQ trading floor, Deutsche Bank, Bundestag, BMW headquarters in Germany, Houston Rockets Toyota Center in USA, and NBC USA.

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