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Colordyne Introduces New Digital Printing System

US-based Colordyne Technologies (CDT) has announced the launch of the new digital CDT-1600 PC Laser Pro Printing System in collaboration with AzTech Converting Systems and LasX Industries.

The new CDT-1600 PC system by AzTech combines the print resolution and speed of Colordyne's CDT-1600 PC print engine with the Laser Die Cutting System of LasX Industries.

The system integrates LasX Industries' V400 Laser System to kiss-cut, slit, or perforate label materials and may be equipped with a complete flexographic print/coating station with UV curing, a pneumatic waste windup and an adjustable underscore unit to provide an in-line printing system with short set-up and run times.

Colordyne Technologies president Gary Falconbridge said by adding laser processing to the company's 1600 PC, efficiencies are gained as the majority of label jobs can be laser converted at the printer's top speed.

"Having a digital workflow also allows for reduced costs and quick job changeover to different pattern files," said Falconbridge.

The 1600 PC Laser Pro, which accepts labels from raw materials to finished products, prints 160 feet/minute at 1600dpi print resolution in a single production line and delivers 1600 x 1200dpi print resolution.



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Colordyne Launches New Digital Printing System