Trade Resources Industry Views Flo Unveils Industrially Compostable Coffee Capsule

Flo Unveils Industrially Compostable Coffee Capsule

European food packaging producer Flo has unveiled new industrial compostable coffee capsule, Gea, which was developed in partnership with functional biopolymers producer NatureWorks.

Gea capsule contains Ingeo polylactic acid (PLA), which is a renewably sourced polymer certified for industrial composting systems as per global standards such as EN-13432 (EU) and ASTM D6400-04 (US).

The new capsule technology platform secured approval for food contact applications. It is currently under final testing by TÜV Austria and the Italian Composting and Biogas Association (CIC) for compostability certification.

Flo marketing director Erika Simonazzi said: “Gea represents a new generation of capsules, designed to meet the needs of coffee roasters and coffee lovers, but also to address environmental issues related to the management of waste.

“As food packaging producers, we are very careful to study the right materials for their use, based on environmental requirements and the dictates of the new rules of the circular economy.”

Gea capsules are provided with material ageing stability in an industrially compostable format, which may not found in other compostable capsules currently on the market.

The capsules also serve as a better barrier to oxygen, enabling to protect the organoleptic qualities of the packaged coffee. It will also help to preserve the taste and aroma of the coffee.

Gea capsules, which will be initially targeting high pressure and single serve coffee systems, passed the industrialization and filling tests at Flo's major partner coffee roasters.

Flo is planning to supply the new capsules to the customers from October this year.

The firm will exhibit new Gea coffee capsules at Innovation Takes Root, NatureWorks’ Advanced Biomaterials Forum, in San Diego, California. The event will take place in September this year.

NatureWorks Performance Packaging commercial director Steve Davies said: “Thanks to the collaboration with Flo and their unique capability and dedication to developing improved packaging technologies, we are proud to support the commercialization of the first compostable coffee capsule made from 100% Ingeo.”

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