Trade Resources Industry Views NJM Packaging Has Launched a New Servo Driven Counting and Filling System

NJM Packaging Has Launched a New Servo Driven Counting and Filling System

Automated packaging systems manufacturer NJM Packaging has launched a new servo driven counting and filling system, Cremer CFS-622 Tablet Counter.

The system features a modular design, which based on 60-count bottles, accommodates up to four counting modules to fill up to 170 bottles per minute (bpm).

With a capacity to handle almost any size tablet, capsule or softgel, the system fills almost any bottle while achieving 100% counting accuracy. Within its compact footprint, it increases productivity and increases efficiency.

The Cremer CFS-622 Tablet Counter features a main frame with fixed side panels that accommodate one, two, three or four counting modules to meet the desired output.

Each of the modules feature six discharge channels that enable it to achieve outputs of up to 50bpm per counting module, up to a maximum of 170bpm.

The feedscrew and dipping filling nozzles of the system that are servo driven are claimed to provide accurate transportation and filling of almost any type of bottle.

According to the US-based company, the filling system handles coated and uncoated tablets, capsules and gelcaps from 3 to 30mm in length and from 2 to 20mm in diameter.

Round, oval and rectangular bottles made of glass or plastic that are 40 to 200mm high and 20 to 125mm in diameter can also be filled using the system.

The tablet format can be changed in seconds through the color touchscreen control panel and bottle size changes can be made in a short span of time.

Because of its small footprint of 3076mm long and 1896mm wide, the Cremer CFS-622 can be integrated into new or existing pharmaceutical packaging and nutraceutical packaging lines.

In order to avoid dust and product adhesion to the infrared product detection unit and discharge channels, the system can be equipped with optional dust extraction and/or static elimination systems.



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NJM Packaging Introduces New Tablet Counting and Filling System