Trade Resources Industry Views EcoLightTech Asia 2015 to Attract Sales for Thailand's Green and Innovative Lighting Industry

EcoLightTech Asia 2015 to Attract Sales for Thailand's Green and Innovative Lighting Industry

The Provincial Electricity Authority or PEA, in collaboration with Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau or TCEB and N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer Co., Ltd. or NEO, hosted PEA presents EcoLightTech Asia 2015, international trade show for green technologies and innovations in lighting, after the phenomenal success in the previous year, particularly, in terms of trade negotiation that rose by 54 percent, generating a turnover of up to 200 million baht. This concept of the event this year is “energy-saving innovation for the industrial sector,” which is expected to be another opportunity for member countries to get ready for the approaching AEC, and the international year of light.

The Provincial Electricity Authority in collaboration with Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau to present EcoLightTech Asia 2015 in the coming November will position Thailand as leading country of green and innovative lighting among ASEAN countries. (EcoLightTech Asia 2015/LEDinside)
Mr. Teerawut Watarakitpaisarn Assistant Governor (Planning and System Development), The Provincial Electricity Authority revealed that PEA is a government agency whose primary mission is to supply and distribute electricity to 74 provinces or 99.4 percent of the entire country. Over the past years, PEA has adopted technology in developing the distribution systems and services to achieve greater efficiency and modernization. The latest development of the power system called the "PEA Smart Grid" or "PEA Intelligent Electricity Network" utilizes information technology systems to assist in managing, controlling, and distributing the electricity supply. We also expand our support system to embrace alternative clean energy sources, the use of electric cars, and the electricity use management through smart meters.

Other than the electricity system, PEA has put great emphasis on energy efficiency coupled with the promotion of energy efficiency in all sectors, while encouraging researches for standardization in electrical equipment and energy-efficient buildings.

As the host of the "PEA presents EcoLightTech Asia 2015," PEA has considered this an opportunity to reinforce our position and commitment to developing industrial enterprises. Because industry plays a significant role in driving economic growth and is the foundation of social development and environmental sustainability, as well as to the development stage of the lighting industry, innovative power saving plans for entrepreneurs are of great importance in order to make business operators stay competitive and ready for challenges that the ASEAN Economic Community is going to bring.

Ms. Jaruwan Suwannasat, Exhibitions and Events Department Director of Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau said that this year, TCEB launched the ASEAN Rising Trade Show campaign or ART, underlining the theme, 'Think Big, Go Beyond', with the aim to strengthen the country's position as the leading exhibition platform for ASEAN. In addition, TCEB commits to facilitate the improvement of Thailand's international exhibitions to be a key national economic driver.

In 2015, TCEB strives to drive the Thai exhibition industry forward, with the aim to strengthen Thailand's leadership position as exhibition platform of the ASEAN region, through three key strategies -- upgrading the Thai exhibition industry, providing financial support for international marketing activities; and expanding ASEAN Mice Collaboration network to capture new markets beyond the AEC.

In upgrading the Thai exhibition industry to compete in the regional arena, TCEB initiated the ASEAN Rising Trade Show (ART) with the aim to support the industry in sustaining a 3-year strategic plan in raising the profile of the country as the key exhibition platform of the AEC. PEA Presents EcolightTech Asia 2015 is the one of shortlisted international exhibitions under ASEAN Industry Trade Shows campaign.With the new 2015 initiatives to bolster the Thai exhibition industry, TCEB expects to attract over 190,400 international exhibitions in Thailand, generating revenue of Bt 17,000 million. More broadly, for the overall MICE industry, TCEB targets international MICE travellers to Thailand in 2015 will reach 1,036,300, earning to the Thai economy over Bt 106,780 million.

Mr. Suhbpong Smithtun, Project Director of N.C.C. Exhibition Organizer said that PEA presents EcoLightTech Asia 2015 is the 3rd edition of the international tradeshow for green technologies and innovations in lighting. The last edition achieved the record breaking of visitors both domestic and international with more than 5,000 visitors. Also received the great feedback from our fellow exhibitors such as Netherland, Japan, China, South Korea, United Emirates, France and Thailand so we were able to complete our floor, spreading over 3,000 sq.m. These successful stories resulted in the turnover of up to 200 million baht. “EcoLightTech Asia” has strengthened its place among the group of the ASEAN’s 3 international trade shows for lighting industry and the only ASEAN hub of lighting technologies and innovation for entrepreneurs. In 2015, PEA presents EcoLightTech Asia 2015 will be held under the theme of ‘energy-saving innovations and technologies for entrepreneurs. The concept arises from the needs of industrial entrepreneurs who want to save energy during different parts of their operations, which will lower production costs. The major energy cost comes from the energy used in lighting, air conditioning, refrigerating, and in electrical appliances. Therefore, to be in line with international guidelines declared by UN to designate the year 2015 to be the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies, we would like to help urge the international community to recognize the importance of lighting technologies for the current and future livelihood, and the conservation of environment and the Earth.

Therefore, the “PEA presents EcoLightTech Asia 2015” will be held in conjunction with “C-Tech 2015,” premier cooling technology tradeshow and “SolarTech 2015,” Solar powered technology tradeshow.” These joint exhibitions will provide a platform for leading operators around the world to present their products, services and consultant regarding the energy-saving innovation for the industrial sector. It will also encompass top innovations and technologies in energy conservation that meet entrepreneurs’ needs to prepare for the integration under the name of ASEAN Economic Community.

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