Trade Resources Industry Views Constantia Flexibles to Expand Toppers Production Plant in Poland

Constantia Flexibles to Expand Toppers Production Plant in Poland

Constantia Flexibles Group is planning to expand, Constantia ColorCap, located in Rybnik, southern Poland.

The company plans to make undisclosed amount to expand the facility in a bid to cater to the growing demand in the dairy industry.

The topper is a plastic snap-on filled with granola, cereal or chocolate dragees. It is sealed with a die cut lid.

Planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2019, the expansion plan is expected to almost double the annual capacity at the facility.

Constantia plans to invest in plant infrastructure and new machinery for long runs

Constantia Flexibles Food division executive vice president Stefan Grote said: “This investment cements Constantia ColorCap’s leading position for toppers production in Poland, as well as our Group’s standing in the innovative European market.

“The extra capacity will also open up new product areas such as pet food, liquid food and ice-cream.”

Constantia said that the Constantia ColorCap, upon completion of the expansion project, will have improved health and safety as well as hygiene standards.

The facility will also ensure sterile conditions for food production and meeting internationally recognized BRC certifications.

The topper is applied on the top of a cup, e.g. filled with yoghurt. It represents a convenient chamber system to split goods in a bid to meet modern consumer lifestyle of convenience and snacks on the go, the firm noted.

Recently, Constantia Flexibles said it is making $15.5m investment to expand the production capacity at its Indian subsidiary Parikh Packaging, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Parikh Packaging already has a production unit in Ahmedabad which comprises rotogravure printing machines, PE extruders, various lamination technologies and pouch making.

Employing about 7,400 people, Constantia Flexibles in engaged in manufacturing flexible packaging solutions to serve food and pharma industries.

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