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Harvatek Forms Partnership with Research Institute to Develop LED Thread

Low market demands in the past few months has driven Taiwanese LED manufacturer Harvatek to explore innovative LED technologies including forming a partnership that includes teaming up with Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI) to develop LED thread and related technology applications

Affected by sliding monthly revenues in September 2015, low end product market demands for consecutive months, and a generally lowered outlook for fourth quarter of 2015, Harvatek is seeking new application markets.

TTRI teamed up with Harvatek in July 2015 to develop LED textiles, and the two formed a joint venture that specializes in LED thread technology. The companies have been producing the LED thread in small volumes. As a LED package manufacturer, Harvatek is depending on TTRI’s expertise in the textile industry, and has entered the partnership mostly as a technology patent provider. TTRI has a 30% stake in the joint venture with Harvatek.

According to Harvatek’s statement, consumers are becoming more conscious of climate change and health issues. Functional and smart textiles are becoming a new trend in the textile market, with many countries investing in special textile R&D and production.

Interactive smart clothing has started to use flexible textile with LED display modules incorporated with a wireless Bluetooth control system that can transmit images and other visual information on the clothing, transforming clothing and bags into a mobile canvas. Internet connected smart clothing has also embedded LED arrays and Internet of Clothing (IoC) technology to transfer bionic information. Intensity of the movement might also change LED colors, patterns emitted and the brightness of the LEDs.

Dutch lighting giant Philips for instance partnered up with Desso in 2013 to develop functional LED carpets. Several emerging fashion designers and companies including CuteCircuit are also experimenting with interactive LED miniskirts and gown designs that are adding a new technology element into attire. CuteCircuit’s miniskirts patterns can be programmed and changed with the iPhone. The NAVIGATE Jacket  launched in January last year can even pair up with GPS systems and help people navigate through complicated city streets. There are many other interesting LED textile and innovative applications developed by other startups and designers.

When LED thread technology matures, Harvatek might become a new favorite in the fashion and sport attire industry, which will in turn benefit TTRI.

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