Trade Resources Industry Views Sulzer Mixpac Takes Further Legal Actions to Protect Its Products From Copying in China

Sulzer Mixpac Takes Further Legal Actions to Protect Its Products From Copying in China

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Cartridge-based metering, mixing and dispensing systems manufacturer Sulzer Mixpac has filed lawsuits against F-System cartridge copiers and secured key judgments.

The MIXPAC F-System provides a compatible system with cartridges of 200 mL and 400 mL volumes. It uses a manual or pneumatic dispenser.

The mixer assortment includes various mixing elements, lengths, diameters, mixer tips, and accessories. Its patented bayonet coupling is claimed to offer secure and clean leak-free connection.

On 17 August 2015, Sulzer filed a lawsuit in the Guangzhou IP Court in China alleging that Dongguan Cohui Industry Material infringed its patent rights by offering copies of Sulzer’s F-system cartridges.

On 18 August 2016, the Guangzhou IP Court has given a judgment in favor of Sulzer and Cohui was ordered to cease the manufacture, sale and offer for sale of the infringing products.

The judgement also included payment of damages to Sulzer for the infringement.

In October 2016, Cohui lodged an appeal to the Guangdong Higher Court, the appellate court of the Guangzhou IP Court.

In April this year, the same court delivered a final decision, which included the permanent injunction against Cohui and final damage award against Cohui.

The permanent injunction helps to stop further advertising, sale or offer for sale of the Cohui cartridges in the country.

Sulzer said it had successfully litigated the same Chinese patent on the interface of the F-system mixers, in addition to another patent on the Quadro system Peeler Cartridges, in Shanghai No.2 Intermediate Court against Shanghai NSJ Hardware Ltd. of Shanghai.

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