Trade Resources Industry Views Parkside Unveils New Packaging Made From Eucalyptus Trees

Parkside Unveils New Packaging Made From Eucalyptus Trees

Parkside has expanded its sustainable packaging range with the launch of a biscuit pack made from eucalyptus trees.

The company worked with food firm Rhythm 108 to develop a pack for its Ooh-la-la tea biscuits made from sustainable sources.

The new product has NatureFlex, a bio film, that is extracted from the wood pulp of eucalyptus plantations across Brazil. 

The Ooh-la- la tea biscuits pack has a three layer structure made from paper, metalised NatureFlex and bio polymer sealant web.

The new design will reduce the food waste by prolonging the shelf life of the product with its moisture and oxygen barrier.

Parkside new business development manager Paul Lenihan said: “Consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly processes and retailers are responding by asking their supply chains to come up with innovative ways to save carbon and avoid end-of-life incineration and landfill.

“Rhythm 108 wanted packaging that addressed the needs of consumers and that fitted with its natural organic ethos. From a sustainability perspective, we have utilised sustainable materials to develop the pack instead of oil based polymers. In addition, the pack is fully compostable.”

Rhythm 108 founder Siddhi Mehta said: “Our Ooh-la- la tea biscuits target all three customer preferences: healthy, wholesome ingredients and fabulous taste. The packaging is not only convenient and suited to today’s on-the-go lifestyle, it is environmentally friendly as it’s made from bio-based materials and can then be thrown in the compost bin at home.”

Parkside has been in the business for over four decades and it has its manufacturing facilities across Asia and the UK.

The firm also provides flexible packaging to food & drink, medical, pharmaceutical, household and personal care sectors.

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