Trade Resources Industry Views Genesis Photonics Plans to Compete for Orders for LED Street Lamps From Local Governments

Genesis Photonics Plans to Compete for Orders for LED Street Lamps From Local Governments

LED epitaxial wafer and chip maker Genesis Photonics plans to compete for orders for LED street lamps from local governments in China in 2014, with such lamps to be made from its flip chip LED devices featuring low electric and thermal resistance, high luminous efficiency, good heat dissipation and wire-free bonding, according to the company.

The China government will announce plans to procure LED street lamps and related subsidization in first-quarter 2014, with such demand expected to begin in the following quarter.

Genesis uses supersonic compression to directly bond LED chips on ceramic substrates, with chip coverage of about 80%, the company said. LED chips can also be bonded on ceramic substrates using reflow soldering, but coverage is difficult to reach 80%, Genesis said.

In terms of application, lighting accounts for 50% of Genesis' consolidated revenues currently, notebook backlighting for 20-25% and smartphone backlighting for 20-25%, the company indicated. Of the lighting appliactions, 40-50% are shipped to China-based clients and 35% to Japan-based ones, Genesis noted.

In addition to outdoor lighting, flip chip LED devices can be used in direct-type LED-backlighting for LCD TVs and Genesis has begun such shipments, the company indicated.

Genesis recorded consolidated revenues of NT$387 million (US$13.1 million) for November, growing by 3.25% on month and by 17.82% on year, and those of NT$3.623 billion for January-November, up 7.27% on year.

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Genesis Photonics Looks to LED Street Lamp Demand in China
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