Trade Resources Industry Views Beatson Clark Manufactures Miniature Vimto Bottles

Beatson Clark Manufactures Miniature Vimto Bottles

UK glass packaging specialist Beatson Clark has introduced 70ml miniature Vimto bottles for the Middle east market.

The British soft drink firm has been available in the Middle East for nearly a century, and sales surge during the Muslim month of Ramadan.

The sweet and refreshing drink will be promoted in luxury cases of a dozen miniature bottles ideal to be given as gifts to loved ones or in corporate.

Beatson Clark business development manager Chris Palmer said: “Vimto is an iconic British brand and we are proud to have been asked to work on this bottle for them.

“We have many years’ experience of creating glass packaging for the soft drinks industry, and because of our flexible approach we can design and manufacture bespoke bottles at low volumes.”

Vimto International Middle East regional manager Matthew Nichols claimed that Vimto has been a popular choice among drinks at the iftar table and has always been marketed heavily leading up to Ramadan.

Nichols revealed that the soft drink producer looking to come up with something different has launched the miniature version. He added: “We wanted to create something different alongside the usual 710ml bottle of Vimto, and one idea was a miniature bottle that would be perfect for a gifting pack.

“So this year miniature replica bottles of Vimto will be sold as a 12-pack at Bloomingdales stores in Dubai and Kuwait. People can give a case as a gift and can personalise the bottle labels for their friends and family too.”

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