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Carbios Develops Technological Solution to Recycle Opaque Plastics

Green chemistry firm Carbios has developed a new technological solution for recycling of opaque polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics such as milk bottles.

Since 2012, the company has been involved in developing an enzymatic recycling process for PET.

According to the company, the process showed depolymerization of PET based commercial products, including bottles, packaging and films, into their original monomers such as terephthalic acid (TPG) and mono ethylene glycol (MEG).

Carbios’ new technological solution can be used for recycling of all PET products, including multi-layer, opaque and complex products.

Carbios CEO Claude Lumaret said: “We are proud to provide a technological solution for the treatment of opaque PET plastics and thereby support the innovation choices of industrials.

‘The results of our work in PET biorecycling address a major environmental issue by exceeding the limits of current processes.

“Our innovative approach enables to meet these challenges and confirms the potential of our technology, now in its pilot stage and for which we hope to lead the industrialization in the coming years.”

Carbios is engaged in the development of biological solutions to solve the environmental and sustainable development issues faced by industrial businesses.

The firm acquired the rights to research, which was conducted over multiple years by various public and private sector laboratories.

It used this research as the foundation to develop innovative industrial bioprocesses to enhance technical, economic and environmental performance of polymers such as thermoplastic materials and synthetic or food-based fibers.

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