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Voith Achieves Higher Level of Performance for Paper Machine

Voith said its Advanced Products enhanced the paper production process in the former, press and dryer sections.

In the former, press and dryer sections, the company's products integrate with one another as AdvancedProducts to reduce operating costs, increase productivity,

The products enhance quality and provide a safer workplace for operators.

Voith’s Wisconsin Team in the US found that the FormMax approach helped to achieve all of its goals in the forming section.

It says that the drainage is now more uniform with dry line on the wire being leveled, sheet breaks have been reduced by half, hazards of chemical cleaning have also been reduced and most importantly, the strength target of the paper has been achieved using lower basis weight.

According to the company, the DuoCleaner Excell offers an efficient cleaning system for consistent and uniform surface cleaning and a structure of forming and press fabrics.

The FormMax technology also includes a DuoShake system to optimise fibre orientation through high-frequency shaking of the breast roll for better formation and a low tensile strength ratio. Besides this, the DuoCleaner Excell traversing cleaning system on both the wires is more effective than high pressure showers.

It can clean the surface uniformly and helps in forming structure for fabrics. The Voith I –Series forming fabric will be installed later this year, continuing with its optimization programme.

Recently, the company introduced its XcelLine tissue machines at Tissue World in Milan. The product line is claimed to improve efficiency and quality of entire tissue production process supply chain.

Voith Paper is a division in the Group, which is considered to be one of leading companies in the paper industry. The company claims to have been innovating and optimizing paper manufacturing process, with focus on minimising resource consumption.

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