Trade Resources Industry Views This Trend Has Not Been Taken Into Account Appropriately by The Insurance Industry

This Trend Has Not Been Taken Into Account Appropriately by The Insurance Industry

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order   The wave of tobacco smokers who traded against the " e-cigarettes " supposed to be safer raises the question of the pricing of insurance and annuities.A smoker who consumes 10 cigarettes per day to stop smoking opt for electronic cigarettes could save more than 1,000 pounds (about 1,200 euros ) per year.

But it could also benefit from a 40% discount on its life insurance and health insurance premiums - if the industry of the country followed the example of an insurer and pledged to consider vapoteurs as "non- smoking . "

The rapid adoption of electronic cigarettes that are tobacco-free but which involve inhaling small amounts of nicotine vaporized took governments and health authorities by surprise. There are already more than a million users in Britain and many shops , including supermarkets , sell these devices.

But this trend has not been taken into account appropriately by the insurance industry - even though smoking remains one of the main factors that determine the price of coverage.

An insurance broker specializing attracted the attention of professionals on the issue by proposing rather successful life insurance to non- smoker rates for a number of customers who only use e-cigarettes. The insurer in question, which is one of the largest in Britain , has been informed of their habits vapotage .

The broker , Harvey Sutton, independent financial advisor based in Manchester, said: " All insurers ask about tobacco use and many, but not all, ask specific questions about the nicotine. We thought how vapoteurs could honestly answer questions about their use of tobacco products. Electronic cigarettes are not tobacco products. We talked to the subscribers in question: we do not do this without the knowledge of the subscribers . "

Although Mr. Sutton has successfully obtained fonts for a number of customers at the end of the week , doubts have surfaced because many covers were finally established on the same basis. This is actually because reinsurers - which provide insurers - have not determined their position on the issue.

The Association of British Insurers said it remained " a lack of medical evidence regarding the health benefits long term" and added: "The insurer is more likely to ask whether the author uses products containing nicotine , rather than weekly consumption of tobacco . "

The lack of evidence on the impact of the electronic cigarette ? Health hinders the decisions of other authorities on how these products should be regulated , taxed and sold. But Mr. Sutton said that insurers should address the issue now . " The lifestyles evolve insurers are just late . "

If, as many believe, e-cigarettes are shown not to harm or interfere as little as possible , and the impact on insurance and other financial products linked to longevity, such as annuities , could be considerable.

Nigel Barlow , society Partneship specialist annuity said: " It is indeed a whole new market . If the e- cigarette appears to reduce some of the risks associated with smoking , there are questions about the chemicals that remain. While we do not currently consider the use of electronic when evaluating an annuity cigarettes, this may change in the future. "

Insurers will be more likely to ask about smoking and other unhealthy behaviors , and ask for tests after subscriptions .

There is evidence that e-cigarettes are significantly safer , it will change .

A person aged 40 , seeking a life insurance more than 500,000 pounds (about 590,000 euros ) would probably not be tested for nicotine use , which does not differentiate smoking using e-cigarette.

The introduction of electronic cigarette big tobacco companies is likely to accelerate development. BAT , the largest tobacco firm in Britain , estimated that 11 million people use e-cigarettes in the great nations of the world's smokers .

Own e -cig company BAT Vype called , was launched earlier this year . Imperial Tobacco, BAT 's main competitor , will launch its model next year

In this bustling world vapotage , everyone wants to enjoy the new trend. After the websites online selling , specialty shops , some bars are also beginning to emerge offering original concepts.

The first bar dedicated to the e-cigarette in the UK opened in London, and the proponents have made up his mind to define new social rules by combining smokers and non-smokers .

The bar Shoreditch # vypesocial will be inaugurated Wednesday, November 13 , offering London frames a drunken night but butts .

With their philanthropic goals health bar will actively promote electronic cigarettes Vype , products which are distinguished by their flexible tips that attempt to mimic the experience of smoking a real cigarette as truly as possible.

Many were attracted to e-cigarettes because their use is permitted in public places. And they are not that bad because the steam produced by small spray is actually quite nice. They are even available in various flavors (some tastier than others). But some companies do not allow their use indoors. They may be legal, but that does not mean you can smoke in anywhere.

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