Trade Resources Industry Views Bevolution Group Acquires Cocktail Mix and Smoothie Maker Tropics Mixology

Bevolution Group Acquires Cocktail Mix and Smoothie Maker Tropics Mixology

Chicago-based manufacturer of frozen beverage products Bevolution Group has acquired Tropics Mixology, a cocktail mix and smoothie maker.

Tropics Mixology offers a broad line of beverage mixes which are believed to complement Bevolution's portfolio of shelf-stable, frozen juices, juice-based drinks and cocktail mixes, lemonades, teas, energy drinks, flavour shots and enhanced waters.

The Tropics portfolio includes frozen cocktail and smoothie mixes, frozen purees, caffeinated beverages apart from an array of bases and ingredients. Tropics 100% Natural Infusions product category offers a range of frozen drink mixes made with fruits and ingredients.

The Tiki Tropics offers cocktail mixes with long-lasting shelf life to meet the demand for tropical flavours. Coco Tropics offers cream of coconut for smoothies, cocktails and baking goods. Tropics Refreshers offers alternative to coffee beverages with its naturally caffeinated beverages. A line of IQF fruit and dairy-based coffee powders are also available.

Bevolution Group chairman Alex Guiva said: "Bevolution Group is a robust beverage platform focused on customer service, innovation and consumer trends. Following the acquisition of Lemon-X earlier this year, we are enhancing our product selection again with the acquisition of Tropics, which we view as a perfect fit for our strategic vision and capabilities. We will continue our proven model of supplementing organic growth with strategic acquisitions, and will search for additional M&A opportunities to enhance our market position, expand product offerings and grow our geographic presence."

The Bevolution Group was formed earlier this month with a combination of Juice Tyme and Lemon-X to create a beverage platform to serve the foodservice industry. The addition of Tropics Mixology is a strategic move to expand its beverage offerings to its customers.

Lemon-X Corporation, which was incepted in 1962, has come to expand its portfolio to include variety of juices, teas, and lemonades along with beverage dispense equipment.

Juice Tyme has been manufacturing and selling beverage products since 1980. Its product portfolio includes juices, sugar-free drinks and cocktails mixes. The company's Juice Pack bag-in-box packaging garnered attention for its ability to retain freshness of the products.

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