Trade Resources Industry Views Toray Unveils New Barrialox SBR2 High-Barrier Food Packaging Film

Toray Unveils New Barrialox SBR2 High-Barrier Food Packaging Film

Toray Advanced Film, a sister company of Toray Plastics (America), has developed a new high-barrier, transparent, aluminum oxide-coated polyester film for retort pouches.

The Barrialox SBR2 film has been designed to offer enhanced thermal stability and improved mechanical properties, including high-strength and stability.

Torayfan Division sales and marketing senior director Chris Voght said: "A film that maintains its inherent barrier-durability during and after converting and retorting processes is essential for a successful retort application."

Developed in Japan, the film also offers a durable oxygen and moisture barrier for finished, post-retort pouchs.

Voght said that various brands continue to choose the retort pouch for applications, including seafood, chicken, prepared meals, rice and pet food.

Voght added: "Microwaveable vegetables and sauces, in particular, are trending now."

"Overall, Barrialox SBR2 is an excellent option for gusseted and non-gussetted retort pouch laminations."

Deigned to withstand pinholing, flex-cracking, scuffing and abrasion, the Barrialox sbr2 film is reverse-printed to produce a colorful, attractive package that can be microwaved in standard laminations.

Capable of being laminated with Toray's TreaTear DR72 film for added convenience and heat-sealing capabilities, the Barrialox SBR2 can also be used to produce non-retort clear packaging and lidding lamination applications.

TreaTear DR72 is cast polypropylene (CPP) sealant film that provides an easy, straight tear for opening the package.

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