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RPC Promens Introduces New Container for Liquids Packaging

RPC Promens Industrial Jagtenberg has introduced a new container for the packaging of liquids such as lubricants and coolants.

The new United Nations (UN) approved 20 litre can with air vent is blow moulded in advanced HDPE and offers multiple convenience features for the end-user.

RPC is providing the 20-litre can with air vent in black, blue and silver colors, and will also provide in other colors based on request of the customers.

The can’s air vent at the back will allow to enter air into the container, helping to make the pouring process easier.

Opening design of the can allows users to empty the entire contents, and the recessed handle in the base further supports with pouring.

The large wide handle enables the user to carry the container even when wearing protective gloves. It also features tamper- evident cap for enhanced safety.

 According to the company, the container accommodates in the standard racking used in most workplaces, while recesses in the base offer optimal and stable stacking.

In addition, the can is fully recyclable and underwent independent testing for UN certification to carry hazardous goods.

In July, RPC Promens unveiled a new can designed to meet the requirements of the chemical industry.

The company has developed new SmartCan range for carrying hazardous goods, helping manufacturers to minimize the harmful impact on the environment.

RPC’s new SmartCan features DIN61 Premier cap, which offers better ergonomics and enhanced grip to close the can.

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