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OMsignal Launched a Training Certification Program to Improve Performance in Real-Time

OMsignal, a Canadian maker of biometric apparel,  launched a training certification program Thursday that will enable personal trainers and health clubs to review athletes' and clients' vital signs as they work out so they can help them improve their performance in real-time.

Using OMsignal biometric shirt, personal trainers and health club owners can submit their proprietary biometric workout programs to the OMsignal Fitness Advisory Committee for certification. The committee consists of a group of Kinesiologists, strength coaches, personal trainers and doctors who provide counsel on proper uses of the OMsignal shirt in an exercise environment.

Once certified, personal trainers and health clubs gain deeper understanding of their clients' fitness levels, resulting in personalized sessions and workouts uniquely tailored to each client's needs.

OM Certified trainers and health clubs can access the OM Trainer Dashboard to monitor their clients' biometrics during a workout or remotely to effectively guide their exercises and help them to achieve desired results.

OM Certified Trainers can hold their fitness sessions as one-on-one or group sessions, both in-person or virtually via a dual-screen experience through OMsignal's app on the iPhone/iPad, computer or connected TV.

For group sessions, clients can opt to have the trainer share their live biometrics with the rest of the group.

Upon completion of a session, the client will receive a workout report showing changes to biometric data and vital signs including heart rate, breathing rate, breathing volume, movement (including steps), movement intensity, heart rate variability, calories burned and total effort (also known as push).

Trainers and health clubs can access and begin submitting workout programs to the OM Certified Training Platform now for certification. All four to six-week workout programs will be added to the OMsignal app and searchable by types of training (e.g. strength, cardio, endurance) or by a specific OM Certified Trainer. Access to these workout programs, the OM Trainer Dashboard and remote training will be available Spring 2015.

Launched in 2014, the training ecosystem of the OMsignal app currently consists of a fitness test, which takes you through a complete workout to identify your baseline vitals. This test can be re-taken to re-asses your fitness improvement over time.

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OMsignal Launches Certification Program for Personal Trainers