Trade Resources Industry Views Macbook Pro Touch Bar: Here's What Apple Isn't Telling You

Macbook Pro Touch Bar: Here's What Apple Isn't Telling You

The heralded Touch Bar on Apple’s new MacBook Pro 2016 range is actually made by Samsung, according to unconfirmed reports on Tuesday.

A source for Korea’s ETNews claimed the strip is a ‘rigid-type OLED panel’ from its big rivals’ A2 Line.

This means it would be up to three times thinner than an LCD-based component would have been.

Interestingly the report claimed Apple is also seeking to deploy OLED technology in the main display of the MacBook range.

“Apple is currently looking into ways of using OLED panels for MacBooks and testing their performance,” the source said.

Apple currently uses LCD technology for the Retina Displays within its MacBook and MacBook pro lines.

As 9to5Mac points out, there’d be multiple benefits for Apple if it were able to make this switch.

OLED displays are more efficient than their LCD counterparts and would also aid Apple’s desire to make their notebooks even thinner.

Despite Apple’s consumer-facing rivalry With Apple over mobile devices, Apple is actually one of the Samsung’s best customers.

The company has long been a supplier of various components for Apple devices. Samsung is also thought to be in line to produce new OLED displays for the iPhone 8, expected in September 2017.

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