Trade Resources Industry Views Ditto Glucose Data System has been launched by Biomedtrics

Ditto Glucose Data System has been launched by Biomedtrics

US-based technology company Biomedtrics has launched the ditto glucose data system to conveniently and accurately monitor the blood glucose results and manage diabetes data.

Ditto glucose data system includes a bluetooth device, an electronic logbook app and a secure web site.

Wireless bluetooth technology allows the automatic transmission of blood glucose test results from a glucose meter to the free ditto Glucose Logbook mobile application and eliminates the need of manual entry.

Electronic logbook app receives the data and synchronizes with the mydittolife cloud-based secure website.

People can then access the data anytime and anywhere on a Bluetooth enabled device and from the mydittolife secure website.

They may also see immediate and historical data and share the results with their medical professionals through e-mail or the mydittolife web portal.

Biomedtrics CEO Robert Englert noted one of the largest patient generated data sets in the world is glucose monitoring, potentially hundreds of millions of data points per day.

"Only a small fraction of this data is shared in a way that benefits the individual, their doctor, their family or the community in an efficient and meaningful way," Englert added.

The ditto glucose data system allows diabetic patients to electronically transmit, access, and view their personal glucose data, while saving time and gaining better insight and control of their health.

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Biomedtrics Launches Ditto Glucose Data System