Trade Resources Industry Views Xerium Unveils New Press Felt Technology for Packaging and Containerboard Machines

Xerium Unveils New Press Felt Technology for Packaging and Containerboard Machines

Xerium Technologies has launched new portfolio of press felt technology, Maximus, designed for machines producing containerboard, packaging, and graphical paper grades.

The Maximus press felt technology portfolio feature single-base structure design with lower fabric caliper to enable immediate start-up.

The technology’s new drainage channels and special warp-bound weave concept allows for maximum dimensional stability and compaction resistance.

Xerium said that these features ensure high-performance dewatering, longer running life and improved end-product quality.

Xerium CTO Bill Butterfield said: “Maximus is already producing great operational results on the most demanding machines in the world.

“We are delighted to see our customers experiencing tangible financial benefits from this new product portfolio with improved machine performance, enhanced operating range and overall lower cost-per-ton.”

In 2016, Xerium Technologies has introduced new generation of forming fabrics, TransForm, for paperboard and packaging machines.

The TransForm technology is designed for machines which produces paperboard, containerboard, fluting/corrugating, linerboard, kraft bag and liquid packaging board.

It can also be used for machines producing food and beverage containers, bleach board, white top paperboard, boxboard and other related subgrades.

Employing 2,950 people, Xerium Technologies is engaged in providing industrial consumable products and services. The firm has 28 manufacturing facilities in 13 countries.

Xerium has patented product portfolio of fabrics, felts, belts, roll covers, SMART Technology machine automation systems, spreader rolls, and mechanical services.

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