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Oclaro Started Volume Production of Its Next-Generation Tunable Laser Platform

Oclaro Inc of San Jose, CA, USA, which provides lasers and optical components, modules and subsystems for the optical communications, industrial, and consumer laser markets, has started volume production of its next-generation tunable laser platform.

The new narrow-linewidth micro-iTLA (Integrable Tunable Laser Assembly) is targeted specifically at coherent systems, where a high performance laser is needed for both the transmission and the local oscillator laser. The micro-iTLA features high optical output power and off-grid tuning suitable for applications in 100G and next-generation 200G coherent networks based on the PM-QPSK and 16-QAM modulation formats.

"100G coherent shipments are increasing dramatically, and we expect that shipments in 2014 will be above 40,000 ports," says Daryl Inniss, practice leader for Components at market research firm Ovum Ltd. "Each of these coherent ports will require one or two narrow-linewidth lasers, and we're excited to see component manufacturers such as Oclaro support the growth of 100G by introducing and ramping production of components such as this narrow-linewidth micro-iTLA," he adds.

"We are pleased to have successfully completed qualification, and are actively engaged with multiple customers and have completed several design-wins with our new tunable laser platform," says Yves Hardy, VP of Transmission Product Management at Oclaro. "With this product offering, Oclaro is simplifying the migration to coherent at both the line-card and module level, and the technology is also enabling next-generation 100G and 200G pluggable form factors."

The micro-iTLA is compliant to the OIF Multi-Source Agreement, and incorporates a form factor that is three times smaller than the standard iTLA and has a significantly reduced power consumption, both of which enable further size reductions in coherent modules to be supported while reducing thermal concerns. The ultra-high optical power output, combined with power and frequency fine tuning, gives greater flexibility to network designers, says Oclaro. The proven reliability of the indium phosphide (InP) chip technology and packaging allows users to manufacture high reliability systems, the firm adds.

Oclaro makes tunable products for transmission systems, and this platform is part of its roadmap of next-generation products that builds on the legacy of its InP portfolio.

The micro-iTLA has been shipping to key customers throughout 2013. Oclaro is currently ramping production to support market demand in fourth-quarter 2013.

Oclaro is meeting with customers in room MR3 during the European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications (ECOC 2013) in London, UK (23-25 September).

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Oclaro Releases Narrow-Linewidth Micro-Itla to Volume Production