Trade Resources Industry Views Engineers and Technicians Are Often Faced with The Problem of Tool Loss

Engineers and Technicians Are Often Faced with The Problem of Tool Loss

Engineers and technicians are often faced with the problem of tool loss, especially when working in dark or poorly lit areas. This loss or misplacing of tools during maintenance operations significantly increases the cost of tool renewal – often up to 20% of the annual costs. But most importantly, it can also have an adverse effect on operational safety. Facom, the European leader in high quality hand tools has developed a simple and ingenious solution to address this situation and prevent tool loss in dark or poorly lit environments. Constantly striving to provide innovative solutions to its customers, Facom is first to market with a range of fluorescent tools to respond to this particular problem. These fluorescent yellow coloured tools are detectable with ultraviolet lamps or neons in dark or shadowy areas, making them easy to find. This clever design reduces the risk of tools being left behind and potentially compromising safety. Currently, Facom offers a range of 45 tools which consists of screwdrivers, pliers, rules and hex keys. The range will be continually extended. These tools have the same strength and ergonomic qualities as traditional hand tools used in all workshops. The added fluorescent colour has been designed to adapt to each tool. The products are manufactured in the group’s factories in France. Source:

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Facom - first to market with its range of fluorescent tools
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