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Design Bridge Develops Limited-Edition Halloween Packaging

Design Bridge, a UK-based company, has created limited-edition Halloween packaging for Lyle’s Black Treacle, by creating a tin which turns into a pumpkin head.

The brief given to the consultancy was to create the Halloween packaging following its work on the Happy and Glorious Lyle's Golden Syrup packaging, developed for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee earlier in 2012, according to

Design Bridge creative director Asa Cook said the concept was to turn the entire pack into a pumpkin head, and make it fun-filled and engaging for kids and for reuse as a trick-or-treat collection pot during Halloween.

"Since everybody carves their pumpkin in a different style, we created three different characters - creating a feeling of interaction between the packs on shelf and collectability," Cook said.

The company kept the arch-shaped graphics for its Halloween work, lettering style and Victorian detailing, by replaced logo with the phrase 'Trick or Treacle'.



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Design Bridge Creates Limited-Edition Halloween Packaging for Lyle’s Black Treacle