Trade Resources Industry Views UK Retailer JD Williams Installs Automated Packaging Line to Boost Production Capacity

UK Retailer JD Williams Installs Automated Packaging Line to Boost Production Capacity

UK based retailer JD Williams has installed automated packaging line at its Lilac & Briar Mill facility in Shaw, Lancashire, to boost its production capacity.

The retailer has installed an automated packaging line from Axiom GB as well as an e-commerce auto-bagging machine developed by Adpak Machinery Systems.

Earlier, Axiom purchased the Adpak-developed BVM Compacta 7534 packaging machine as part of a project to increase JD Williams’ production capacity at Lilac & Briar Mill facility.

Adpak said that the fully automated system, on an average, can process and pack 1,200 units per hour while ensuring accuracy.

JD Williams operations head John Wilson said: “We’re constantly looking to improve our business, to get our products out of the door faster, more accurately and cheaper. Consequently, we liked the totally automated aspect of the solution Axiom put forward.

“In fact, we’re so pleased with the solution we are already talking to Axiom about a similar project in the near future.”

The new automated packaging line, which is designed to produce 1,200 items per hour, has replaced the old manual system which maintained a throughput of 200 items per person per hour.

Adpak said that the new packaging line has achieved a 20% increase in JD Williams’ average capacity while reducing costs by 20%.

In June, Adpak Machinery Systems sold its automatic sleeve wrapping machine to Bristol-based herb and spice manufacturer Bart Ingredients.

The Adpak BP600 sleeve wrapper is a high specification machine and is designed to wrap collations of spices ready for despatch to the company's retail customers.

Image: UK retailer JD Williams has installed new automated packaging line to boost production capacity. Photo: courtesy of Adpak Machinery Systems.

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