Trade Resources Industry Views Schmidt's Naturals Launches Limited-Edition Holiday-Themed Deodorant Collection in US

Schmidt's Naturals Launches Limited-Edition Holiday-Themed Deodorant Collection in US

Schmidt's Naturals has introduced a new set of limited edition Holiday Collection deodorants in the US.

The Holiday Collection offers three scents that exemplify the season – Oh, Christmas Tree, Snow Day, and Holiday Spice, all made with quality plant-based, naughty list-free ingredients.

"Scent memories do so much to create that feeling of being in the holiday spirit," says Founder and Chief Product Officer of Schmidt's Naturals, Jaime Schmidt. "Certain familiar aromas always take me right back to my childhood in Michigan—searching for the perfect tree each year with my family, experiencing the powdery goodness of freshly fallen snow. With the Schmidt's Holiday Collection, we want to take our loyal fans and users on an olfactory exploration of some of these meaningful, 'best of' holiday moments."

Each scent offers a nostalgic sensory experience for Schmidt's consumers. Relive the cherished tree-trimming tradition with crisp and enchanting notes of spruce and hemlock in Oh, Christmas Tree; transport yourself to snowball fights and endless sledding hills with the light, clean, and powder fresh aroma of Snow Day; enjoy notes of orange, cinnamon, and clove in Schmidt's modern take on classic holiday potpourri, Holiday Spice.

"Schmidt's special edition scents embody a collector's mentality -- the Holiday Collection is our fourth limited release, with more to come," says Chief Global Strategy Officer and angel investor of Schmidt's Naturals, Michael Cammarata. "Innovative and compelling plant-based fragrances have generated surging demand for retailers, from Target to Urban Outfitters, to carry Schmidt's Naturals." He continues, "the brand has proven time and again that it challenges assumptions commonly made about conventional 'natural' companies. We are leading the movement to make natural products accessible and effective for transitional households that are investing in positive lifestyle choices for their family's health."

Schmidt's Naturals Holiday Collection is available for purchase in Original ($8.99 each, $24.99 for 3-pack) and Sensitive Skin ($10.99 each, $26.99 for 3-pack) formulas online and in select retailers.

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