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Bottle Cap Proves 'illuminating'

A plastic bottle cap that senses and reacts to music and movement through use of a smartphone has been released in Japan.

Brewing company Kirin's Illumicap has a built-in wireless communication and lighting system which can illuminate the bottle in various colours.

Through a collaboration with the Japan-based White Inc, who will also hold the license for selling the cap, Kirin plans to promote the technology by releasing part of its 3D data as an open source and offering a new drinking experience jointly with consumers.

The company aims to commercialise the product by the end of 2016.

The removable cap is equipped with a Bluetooth module and an LED, emitting light downwards. By controlling the Bluetooth module, the light can be controlled in reaction to the activities of consumers.

A further application enables users to take photographs in a long exposure mode to draw pictures and letters on still photos – creating an artwork of light.

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