Trade Resources Industry Views Pearson Packaging Systems Buys Robotic Automation Specialist Flexicell

Pearson Packaging Systems Buys Robotic Automation Specialist Flexicell

Pearson Packaging Systems, a producer of secondary packaging equipment, has completed the acquisition of robotic automation specialist Flexicell.

Established in 1992, Flexicell provides end of line automation equipment for manufacturing companies in the US and Canada.

Flexicell produces robotic pick and place systems for product handling, including product transfer, carton loading, and case packing.

The firm’s delta style robots will pick and place products from conveyor to conveyor, as well as conveyor to the infeed of primary packaging machines such as cartoners or flow wrappers and load products directly into cartons, tubs and cases.

Its pick and place products can be used in different industries such as fresh and frozen food, bakery products, medical devices and consumer goods.

They can also be used in flexible packaging applications such as bags, sachets and pouches.

Flexicell also produces robotic case packing systems to handle one or more products with different sizes and shapes.

Some of the case packing systems includes carton case packing systems, cup case packing systems, bag case packing systems and can case packing systems.

Flexicell operates 70,000ft² facility, which includes manufacturing and assembly units, in Ashland of Virginia.

The acquired facility will help Pearson to expand its manufacturing operations. It is also near to the crucial customers and markets.

Pearson has decided to operate the acquired company with its own brand name due to enhanced brand equity and established customer relationships.

Pearson Packaging Systems president and CEO Michael Senske said: “The acquisition of Flexicell reinforces our commitment to the application of robotics throughout the entire end-of-line automation process.

“Our combined technical expertise, management resources, and financial strength will enable us to take on more projects with increased complexity and provide greater value in the marketplace.”  

Pearson Packaging Systems produces case erectors, tray formers, case packers, case sealers and robotic palletizers, as well as offers integration services.

The company supplies its products to the manufacturers and distributors in the food, beverage, personal care and online commerce industries.

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