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German Furniture Industry Once Again Comes in The Line

After a depressing performance in November 2014 the German furniture industry once again comes in the line as the turnover has increased significantly in December. A recently published market report by Federal Statistics Offices complied by the Verband der Deutchen Mobelindustrie (VDM) has revealed it.

The German furniture industry at €1.245bn turnover in the sector was 6.1% above the preceding year’s figure. There was a double-digit increase in export turnover from 14.4% to €403.2m in December. Domestic turnover improved by 2.5% to €842.4m.

For the entire period of 2014, the German furniture industry therefore achieved a turnover increase of 2.5% to €16.413bn according to figures which were updated again in mid-February. Domestic turnover increased by 1.7% to €11.411bn and export turnover increased by 4.5% to €5.003bn. The export turnover figures indicated in the statistics compiled by VDM only include export deliveries from German production locations.

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German Furniture Industry Grows at 6.1%: Report
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