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Dow Develops Flexible Packaging Solutions for E-Commerce Market

The Dow Chemical Company has developed a range of flexible packaging solutions to meet the requirements of the e-commerce market in Asia Pacific region.

The company said that its patented expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam technology is a solution for the e-retailers, particularly in the for the Asia-Pacific region to come up with better packaging performance.

As part of it, the American company has unveiled the Innate Precision Packaging Resins which it says provides a matchless balance of toughness and stiffness along with high tear and puncture resistance.

The newly created resins allow manufactures to try different packaging opportunities by taking advantage of the stiffness-toughness balance, ease of processing ease and enhanced sustainability profiles.

Dow stated: “The resins also bring advanced performance and differentiated packaging solutions for brand owners.

“This precise and state-of-the-art packaging solution also helps the distributors in e-commerce industry to offer better reliability and integrity, extend the expiration date, and lower the risk of leakage and damage during the shipment journey.”

To provide better sealant performance at much lower cost in comparison to conventional polyethylene, Dow says that it has developed the Affinity Polyolefin Plastomers (POP) resins.

The company claims that Affinity POP gives excellent sealability to various types of structures through its patented Insitetm Technology. By using Affinity POP, Dow says that manufacturers can get lower heat seal and hot tack initiation temperatures needed for lower leak rates and faster filling speeds.

Apart from the two types of resins, Dow also has the Elite AT polyethylene resins, Elite enhanced polyethylene resins, and Dowlex polyethylene resins in its portfolio to be used for e-commerce packaging.

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