Trade Resources Industry Views Voith Unveils Guide Roll Cover for Paper Machines

Voith Unveils Guide Roll Cover for Paper Machines

Voith has unveiled a guide roll cover, which the company says will suit for all types of paper machines.

The AiroGuide is being manufactured with a composite material which is very light but highly durable. 

In field endurance tests, the new guide roll covers increased the replacement intervals also in positions experienced from high wear using standard rubber covers, resulting in decreased downtimes and lower total cost of ownership.

The cover’s high wear resistance will help to make sure that the fabric wear profile remains straighter for a vast amount of time and speed differences will not result in the transfer of roll wear to a higher fabric wear.

Voith said similar to its entire composite roll covers, AiroGuide covers can also be repaired if there is a minor damage, instead of a complete replacement.

The AiroGuide modular cover concept can be utilized for every guide roll position in each section of the paper machine including wire guide rolls, felt guide rolls, paper guide rolls.

AiroGuide roll covers can be adapted to any machine. The roll cover’s specification will be optimized to the application requirements with respect to cover thickness, temperature resistance, and electrical conductivity.

Voith noted that AiroGuide can be readily paired with other of its products, which also enhances the paper machine’s performance.

Voith Paper, a group division of Voith, is optimizing the paper manufacturing process, with resource-conserving products to reduce the use of energy, water and fibers.

In addition, Voith Paper offers a service portfolio for the entire sections of the paper manufacturing process.

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