Trade Resources Industry Views Seoul Semiconductor Has Launched an LED Light Engine with Acrich3 Technology

Seoul Semiconductor Has Launched an LED Light Engine with Acrich3 Technology

South Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor has launched an LED light engine with Acrich3 technology, consisting of an LED module with an Acrich MJT 5050 series LED, Acrich3 IC technology, and a heat-sink and secondary optics.

The Acrich light engine does not require a complex AC/DC converter and can be operated directly from the AC mains, simplifying designs, reducing component count and improving on the reliability of the luminaire, the firm says. The new 30W Acrich light engine delivers a typical luminous flux of 3000 lumens at 120VAC operation at 5000K corresponding to a typical efficiency of 100 lumens per watt. When operated in a power compensation mode, the Acrich3 technology can adapt to variations in the line-voltage as great as 20% and still deliver power-level regulation within 5% to ensure uniformity of the light output.

The new LED light engine also enables smart lighting control systsms, where the Acrich3 technology can interface through a wide variety of wireless networks such as IEEE 802.15.4, WiFi and Bluetooth to control dimming, further optimizing energy savings. The IP67 light engine is available in various color temperatures and beam patterns.

“The payback period for streetlights can be significantly reduced with this new Acrich light engine,” reckons Jay Kim, executive VP of Seoul Semiconductor’s Lighting sales division. “By eliminating AC/DC converters in streetlights, maintenance costs can be lowered and reliability can be improved without compromising on price, quality and energy savings,” he adds.

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Seoul Semiconductor Launches 30W Acrich LED Light Engine with Efficiency of up to 100lm/W