Trade Resources Industry Views The Second-Gen Google Pixel XL Might Be Going XXL, Report Claims

The Second-Gen Google Pixel XL Might Be Going XXL, Report Claims

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According to a report on Monday, Google has cancelled its forthcoming Pixel XL sequel in order to make room for an even larger device.

Android Police sources say the phone - believed to be codenamed Muskie - has been shelved in favour of another handset dubbed Taimen.

According to the report there’ll still be two Pixel phones, contrary to speculation that Google will be adding a third to the mix this autumn.

For whatever it’s worth, the sources say those phones will be the 5-inch Pixel 2 aka ‘Walleye’ and an even larger Pixel XL 2 (aka Taimen).

Given the existing Pixel XL is 5.5-inches in size, this might see Google head towards the 5.8-inch display Apple is believed to be favoring for the iPhone 8.

If Google follows last year’s pattern, the new Pixels will arrive in October and debut Android O.

The as-yet-unnamed operating system is currently in developer beta, with Google expected to go into more detail about the key features later this year.

The Pixel and Pixel XL remain two of the top Android handsets on the market, with Google pledging support for new OS updates until at least October 2019.

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